How Spending time at Renew + Refresh Can Boost Your Mood and Confidence

Renew + Refresh Medical Spa in Cochrane, AB

Indulging in a spa day can do wonders not only for your physical, mental and emotional health. At Renew + Refresh Medical Spa, we understand the transformative power of pampering sessions and are dedicated to helping you rejuvenate your appearance and boost your confidence. Let us tell you how spa days can positively impact your …

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Menopause and your skin

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During menopause, your body stops making as much collagen, you lose soft fat under your skin and your skins elasticity drops. Dryness can occur because of the hormonal shift and your oil glands aren’t as active.   Estrogen is such a big influencer in keeping your skins integrity intact. Once those hormonal levels start going […]

Skin Tightening WITHOUT Surgery? Find Out How

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As we age, our skin can become loose and start to sag. Fine lines and wrinkles can begin to appear and cause us to look older. This doesn’t just occur on the face but all areas of our body and no exercise in the world can’t tighten loose skin.   In the past, people turned […]

Give the Gift of Touch this Valentine’s Day

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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, many people will be thinking of gifts they can give to their partners to show their love. While it’s the norm to buy expensive presents, a more thoughtful Valentine’s gift is a unique experience that you and your other half can enjoy together.   If you’ve searched something along the […]

New Year, New Skin Care Routine

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Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions and many people use them to make positive changes in their lives. If you want to take better care of your skin, there is no better time to start than the New Year.   Whether you’re aiming to get rid of acne or want to regain youthful-looking skin, you can […]

Is a Chemical Peel Right for You?

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If you have acne, rough patches on your skin, areas of pigmentation or wrinkles, you may be wondering if a chemical peel is the right solution for you. For some people, this is the ideal answer — while for others it may not be the best match for their skin type. Let’s consider some of […]

All you need to know about RETINOL

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  Cochrane retinol What is Retinol? Retinol is a form of Vitamin A that targets the skin renewal process and promotes new collagen growth. It diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles + helps with photo aging as well.   Benefits of using Retinol:  Helps promote collagen leaving skin “plump”.  Decreases signs […]

Brag Post – Amazing Massage Therapist Alert!

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  Brett Enns, RMT Renew + Refresh Medical Spa Cochrane   If you haven’t been in to see our amazing RMT Brett Enns, this is your sign that you need to book with him ASAP.   In July Brett was personally invited to be the massage therapist for the British National Team for the IDBF […]

Coconut Oil in Your Beauty Routine

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  What is coconut oil?   Coconut oil is extracted from the meat portion of a mature coconut.   A Brief history on Coconut oil:   Coconut oil has been around for thousands of years and used throughout the world in various countries such as Jamaica, Ethiopia, India, Nigeria to name a few. The finding […]

Are you really what you eat??

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      Food & Skin   Skin is the largest organ of the human body. Skin acts as a barrier to protect you from external ailments but it also is the way in which environmental factors enter our bloodstream! The main functions of the skin are that it allows for sensation, temperature regulation and […]


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