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Facial Services Renew Refresh Medical Spa

Is it time to restore your youthfulness –to improve your skin’s texture, correct and prevent fine lines, and restore your skin to a smooth and silky glow? Perhaps you want to correct and prevent acne, firm and hydrate sensitive skin, address dark under-eye circles or reduce the appearance of brown spots.  At Renew + Refresh Medical Spa, our certified clinicians will renew and refresh your skin with a facial treatment that fits your unique needs.


Our Facial 

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Pure Kronoxyl-➈ Complete Youth

PureKronoxyl-➈ technology corrects the appearance of the 3 types of wrinkles: 

  • at the surface, through its smoothing action, Pure smoothes out fine lines and superficial wrinkles

  • from within, through its restructuring action, it fills deep wrinkles

  • in depth, through its dermo-relaxing action, it corrects and prevents expression lines

Pure improves the major aesthetic parameters: 

  • it visibly smoothes the skin’s texture 

  • it intensifies the complexion’s luminosity and “healthy-pink” component

Pure prevents cutaneous ageing: 

  • it maintains the skin’s firmness and tonicity 

  • it protects the skin against the effects of biological ageing


Treatment duration: 60 minutes.

Pure Kronoxyl-➈ Complete Youth
Pure Kronoxyl
Collagen Veil Ultra-moisturizing

Collagen Veil Ultra-moisturizing

A “coup d’éclat” treatment with immediate results. Thanks to its ultra-moisturizing formulation, it leaves the skin supple, soft and younger-looking in record time. This treatment is the ideal choice for a special occasion like a wedding. This treatment does not contain any preservative, perfume or chemical substance. It is indicated for all skin types even the most sensitive.

The Ultra-Moisturizing Collagen Veil allows:

  • an increase of up to 250% of the rate of cutaneous hydration owing to its great capacities in stocking moisture 

  • a 25% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines 

  • an increase in regenerating functions 

  • a significant reduction in skin roughness

Treatment duration: 60 minutes.


Rosa-C3 Anti-redness, Soothing


Indicated for all, men and women with sensitive skin, prone to redness and presenting apparent microcirculation. 100% of the people who received a cure with this Professional Treatment observed visible results from the very first treatment at the Institute*.

  • significant reduction of redness 

  • relief of discomfort and tightness 

  • decrease in irritation and sensations of warmth 

  • immediate overall comfort

  • ideal for patients suffering from Rosacea

Treatment duration: 60 minutes.

Rosa-C3 Anti-redness, Soothing
Clear Up Acne Management

Clear Up Acne Management


Acne Management Professional Treatment combining the efficacy of topical medication with exceptional cosmetic qualities specifically created for the treatment of acne skin and oily skin.

  • facilitates extraction of comedones 

  • controls bacterial proliferation 

  • controls inflammation and redness  

  • purifies, soothes & hydrates the epidermis 

  • fights the formation of comedones and acne pimples

Treatment duration: 60 minutes

Clear Up Acne

Radiance White – Integral Brightening Treatment (Face & Hands)



A spotless & bright future awaits you!

With Laser C™ Complex

Thanks to its unique formula, Radiance White™ offers the best standards of efficacy in one single treatment not only to reduce brown spots, but also to enhance clarity and glow. In addition, it represents a real asset in the fight against skin ageing!

  • Reduces the appearance of brown spots

  • Evens skin tone

  • Rehydrates the epidermis

  • Refreshes and cools the skin

  • Improves the overall appearance of the skin while adding comfort and well-being

  • Helps diminish ageing signs

Treatment duration: 60 minutes.

Radiance White – Integral Brightening Treatment Face & Hands
Radiance White
Retinol Active 0.5 Face & Eyes

Retinol Active 0.5 (Face & Eyes)




Professional treatment RETINOL ACTIV 0.5 combines medical concentrations of pure retinol and salicylic acid with high-performance cosmetic ingredients - AHA, resveratrol, ceramides, antioxidants, etc. - to correct the appearance of signs of chronological aging and photoaging.


  • Only Facial that has a full eye treatment ideal for darken lids and dark circles

  • Evens skin tone

  • Promotes cell turn over.

  • Ideal for anti-aging maintenance and over all skin complexion.

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines.

  • Helps diminish ageing signs

Treatment duration: 60 minutes.

Retinol Active

Medical Grade Facials are $165 + GST


Traditional Facial


It’s no secret that Alberta’s weather can be tough on skin.  If you need relief from dull, dry, dehydrated skin, a Renew+Refresh facial will get your skin healthy and glowing again.  


The skin is your body’s largest organ and beautiful skin begins with good skin care.  Your skin is a natural barrier that protects you from external hazards like pollutants, dirt and bacteria. Our facials are designed to remove impurities to make room for your skin to flourish. We use all-natural ingredients rich in nutrients to deep clean and nourish the skin to promote improved texture and tone.  This facial is ideal for those who are looking for the hot towel, steam, masks, exfoliation and standard extractions. You’ll leave with skin that feels fresh, supple and healthy.  


Call us today to book your facial.  Your skin will thank you.  


*Ask us about our paraffin wax add-on to rejuvenate your hands while you relax.  

Traditional Facial Start at $120.00 + gst

Hot towel.jpeg
Traditonal Facial


Microdermabrasion is a non-chemical, minimally invasive procedure that gently buffs the skin with very fine crystals and drawing out debris and impurities with suction.  There is no pain associated with microdermabrasion so numbing agents are not required in preparation.

The superficial layer of dry, dead skin cells is removed, allowing new skin to grow, sparking the production of collagen and elastin.  The many benefits of microdermabrasion include a more radiant complexion, a rejuvenated appearance, diminished wrinkles, minimized fine lines, brighter skin tone, shrunken pores, firmer, tighter skin, reduced age spots and sun damage.  Microdermabrasion is especially helpful in the reduction of blackheads.  Exfoliation removes the top of the blackhead while the remainder is suctioned by the vacuum. Pores appear smaller as they are no longer clogged with hardened oil matter.  The process helps to improve blood and lymphatic circulation, improving the internal health of the skin. More oxygen and nutrients are supplied to the cells through enhanced blood flow. This improves cell processes and therefore enhances the skin, improving elasticity. Following treatment, the skin will be more receptive to products because they will be getting right into the dermis rather than having to penetrate through a layer of dead skin cells.  In fact, microdermabrasion has been shown to enhance product absorption by up to 50%. 

Face starts at $75.00, body starts at $100.00.



A Hydrafacial is a multi-phase, medical-grade facial treatment that cleanses, exfoliates and extracts impurities while delivering nourishing serums to address a multitude of skin concerns.  Hydrafacials are extremely effective, yet gentle on the skin.  Treatments can be customized to tailor a client’s specific needs.  Hydrafacials are for everyone; all skin types, tones and sensitivities can be accommodated, including skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema.  


A Hydrafacial uses a vortex effect with a three-step approach: cleanse and peel, extract and hydrate, fuse and protect.  Treatment begins with a gentle exfoliation and resurfacing to uncover a new layer of skin.  Debris is removed with a suction and skin is replenished with nourishing ingredients to quench the skin.  The final process involves the application of antioxidants and peptides to make your new skin glow.  You’ll see significant results with no irritation or downtime.  


Call us to find out why Hydrafacials are so popular.  


HydraFacial starts at $200+ gst

Facial Cream


Dermaplaning uses a medical grade scalpel to carefully remove vellus hair (peach fuzz) and exfoliate dead skin cells off the face. It’s a painless, relaxing procedure that reveals a bright and glowing complexion.

Dermaplaning exfoliates dead/dry skin, fades superficial hyperpigmentation, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, improves product penetration and makes for a flawless makeup application.

Dermaplane starts at $95+ gst

Canva - Beautiful Woman at a Facial Massage.jpg

Sculptural Lifting Facial

Highly specialized massage technique that naturally revitalizes and sculpts the face.


The treatment provides anti-aging benefits that lift, plump and firm the skin improving laxity and diminishing wrinkles. This intensive treatment also deeply relieves muscle tension, spasms and blockages, while improving lylmpth-flow, depuffing and draining toxins.


This is a unique and transformative treatment that provides immediate physical and emotional benefits that will leave your exceptionally relaxed and renewed.

Sculptural Lifting Facial

Teen Facial

Attention Teens 12-18 who have problematic skin! Teen years can be so hard on the skin for a multiple of reasons, we want to work with your teen to help them get their skin back on track.


Our facials for teens are specifically designed for the phase their skin is in! We do recommend for moderate and advanced acne to book a consult as well as a facial so we can ensure that a full understanding of your teen’s skin to optimize our treatment for them. 

Teen Facial

Therapeutic Customized Facial

This facial is the cornerstone of relaxation. This dynamic facial brings elements of heat, steam, masks, serums and deep tissue massage that has the capability to open up sinuses, promote lymphatic drainage and increase circulation to the face and upper body. This treatment will be customized individually for each client and our aesthetician has the ability to read your skin and provide the treatment that specifically meets your needs.

This treatment reduces the visible signs of aging, increases collagen production, circulation, hydration and reduces inflammation.

*Ask us about our paraffin wax add-on to rejuvenate your hands while you relax.

Therapeutic Customized Facial


The facial treatments can help both women and men get clean and radiant skin. Take the next step to a better version of yourself.

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