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Is it time to restore your youthfulness –to improve your skin’s texture, correct and prevent fine lines, and restore your skin to a smooth and silky glow? Perhaps you want to correct and prevent acne, firm and hydrate sensitive skin, address dark under-eye circles or reduce the appearance of brown spots.  At Renew + Refresh Medical Spa, our certified clinicians will renew and refresh your skin with a facial treatment that fits your unique needs.


Facial Treatments

Pure Kronoxyl-➈ Complete Youth

PureKronoxyl-➈ technology corrects the appearance of the 3 types of wrinkles: 

  • at the surface, through its smoothing action, Pure smoothes out fine lines and superficial wrinkles

  • from within, through its restructuring action, it fills deep wrinkles

  • in depth, through its dermo-relaxing action, it corrects and prevents expression lines

Pure improves the major aesthetic parameters: 

  • it visibly smoothes the skin’s texture 

  • it intensifies the complexion’s luminosity and “healthy-pink” component

Pure prevents cutaneous ageing: 

  • it maintains the skin’s firmness and tonicity 

  • it protects the skin against the effects of biological ageing


Treatment duration: 60 minutes.

Collagen Veil Ultra-moisturizing

A “coup d’éclat” treatment with immediate results. Thanks to its ultra-moisturizing formulation, it leaves the skin supple, soft and younger-looking in record time. This treatment is the ideal choice for a special occasion like a wedding. This treatment does not contain any preservative, perfume or chemical substance. It is indicated for all skin types even the most sensitive.

The Ultra-Moisturizing Collagen Veil allows:

  • an increase of up to 250% of the rate of cutaneous hydration owing to its great capacities in stocking moisture 

  • a 25% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines 

  • an increase in regenerating functions 

  • a significant reduction in skin roughness

Treatment duration: 60 minutes.

Rosa-C3 Anti-redness, Soothing


Indicated for all, men and women with sensitive skin, prone to redness and presenting apparent microcirculation. 100% of the people who received a cure with this Professional Treatment observed visible results from the very first treatment at the Institute*.

  • significant reduction of redness 

  • relief of discomfort and tightness 

  • decrease in irritation and sensations of warmth 

  • immediate overall comfort

  • ideal for patients suffering from Rosacea

Treatment duration: 60 minutes.

Clear Up Acne Management


Acne Management Professional Treatment combining the efficacy of topical medication with exceptional cosmetic qualities specifically created for the treatment of acne skin and oily skin.

  • facilitates extraction of comedones 

  • controls bacterial proliferation 

  • controls inflammation and redness  

  • purifies, soothes & hydrates the epidermis 

  • fights the formation of comedones and acne pimples

Treatment duration: 60 minutes


Radiance White – Integral Brightening Treatment (Face & Hands)



A spotless & bright future awaits you!

With Laser C™ Complex

Thanks to its unique formula, Radiance White™ offers the best standards of efficacy in one single treatment not only to reduce brown spots, but also to enhance clarity and glow. In addition, it represents a real asset in the fight against skin ageing!

  • Reduces the appearance of brown spots

  • Evens skin tone

  • Rehydrates the epidermis

  • Refreshes and cools the skin

  • Improves the overall appearance of the skin while adding comfort and well-being

  • Helps diminish ageing signs

Treatment duration: 60 minutes.

Retinol Active 0.5 (Face & Eyes)




Professional treatment RETINOL ACTIV 0.5 combines medical concentrations of pure retinol and salicylic acid with high-performance cosmetic ingredients - AHA, resveratrol, ceramides, antioxidants, etc. - to correct the appearance of signs of chronological aging and photoaging.


  • Only Facial that has a full eye treatment ideal for darken lids and dark circles

  • Evens skin tone

  • Promotes cell turn over.

  • Ideal for anti-aging maintenance and over all skin complexion.

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines.

  • Helps diminish ageing signs

Treatment duration: 60 minutes.

Medical Grade Facials are $150 + GST



The facial treatments can help both women and men get clean and radiant skin. Take the next step to a better version of yourself.