Laser Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal




Laser Hair Removal 

At Renew + Refresh Medical spa we treat all of our laser hair removal patients with LightSheer Diode Laser. LightSheer uses clinically proven diode laser technology to permanently remove unwanted hair, comfortably and effectively.  Diode lasers work by using a single wavelength of light that has a high abruption rate in melanin (a dark brown to black pigment occurring in the hair).  As the melanin heats up it destroys the root and blood flow to the follicle disabling the hair growth permanently.


What to Expect

Before your treatment, the treatment area will be prepared by cleansing and shaving off the hair in the area. We want to ensure the laser is seeking the melanin in your hair follicle and not at the surface of your skin.  

Immediately after your treatment your skin may be red and warm, similar to that of a mild sun exposure. With the exception of SPF sunscreen, keep the skin clean of lotions and/or creams for 24 hours after treatment. Avoid rigorous exercise, excessive sweating, hot tubs or hot baths for 24 hours. Over the next 7-10 days you will notice your hair will grow in the normal growth process at which time it will shed itself and you will be left with smooth, hair free skin. 

Cycle of Hair Growth

We recommend 4-6 treatments of laser hair removal for permanent reduction in hair growth depending on your hair type and overall goal. Why? The hair goes through 4 stages of growth: anagen, catagen, telogen, and return to anagen.  Laser hair removal only destroys follicles in the anagen phase. Since we cannot see what stage each hair follicle is in we schedule appointments based on typical hair growth patterns.  We want to ensure we capture the hair follicle in its beginning stage to prevent future growth. It is not uncommon for hair to grow back “patchy” as it finds different hairs in different stages of hair growth. You will see a great reduction of hair growth in just one treatment! 

*It is important to note that hormonal changes such as pregnancy & menopause can regenerate hair to the anagen phase. 



What area of the body can be lasered?

Pretty much anywhere that grows hair can be lasered, what we cannot do is in the entry/exit flesh of the body otherwise known as the mucus membranes.

How painful is laser hair removal?

There is some discomfort the first few treatments, depending upon the area, but it is manageable. During a consultation we can discuss various means to help with pain management including cold air. Most people find laser significantly easier than waxing.

Can I wax while getting laser treatments?

We don’t recommend it, reason being is that we want the hair to grow so that it is in the anagen phase, waxing pulls the hair from the follicle which prevents the laser from destroying that follicle. For ideal results we recommend 4 weeks between your last wax and next laser procedure.

I don’t want all my hair to be gone, I just don’t want it as thick, is laser still a solution?

Yes! This is actually the best solution for people who want to thin out pubic hair but not necessarily have it fully gone. Or for men who want to reduce and thin the hair on their arms, legs, chest, etc. Usually in this case only one or two treatments is required, worried about patches? We can address that in a consult where we can best understand your individual hair growth pattern.

What are the basic benefits of lasering versus waxing?

+ Say goodbye to ingrown hairs. + No more pigment damage. These are brown pigment moustaches that can form on the upper lip, chin, above the brows that can occur after long term waxing. Laser bypasses the doesn’t damage skin tissues so that won’t occur. + The long-term cost is far less than waxing on a regular basis. + You don’t have to grow your hair back out in between treatments! And no, shaving won’t cause more hair to grow back. That is a myth!

Will laser hair removal remove every single hair?

Short answer is no. The lengthy answer is we can get a 95% reduction. Why only 95%? Because hair growth can be triggered by hormones that are impacted by pregnancy, pre/post menopause, disease, high stress and chronic illness. But don’t worry, we have another option available for those last pesky hairs even if they have turned white!



+ FULL FACE $100


+ FULL LEGS $400

+ CHEST $200

+ BACK $300

+ NECK $50



+ EARS $50




If you want to learn more about our Laser Hair Removal treatments book an appointment with our certified clinicians. They will explain the procedures of our two treatments - LightSheer and Diode Laser- and their benefits.