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Eyebrow Wax



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Brow/Lash Tint & Lash Lifts

Permanent Eyebrows Makeup in Progress
Hand Massage

Paraffin Wax

Paraffin wax is a natural emollient when heated soothe deep aches and pains. When applied to the skin, it adds moisture and continues to boost the moisture levels of the skin after the treatment is complete. Other benefits are the opening of pores and removing dead skin cells. For dried and cracked skin it will even show an instantly smoother, healthier texture. 



If you haven’t heard of threading for facial hair, you’re missing out!  A thin thread is rolled over the skin, removing hair at the root.  Threading is a popular alternative to waxing because it is the gentlest temporary facial hair removal method available, making it ideal for sensitive and acne-prone skin. It also allows estheticians more precise control in shaping eyebrows, leaving brows well-defined and graceful. There is no risk of burns or hyperpigmentation with this easy treatment.   

Eyebrow Threading


Derma fillers offer subtle improvements that renew+refresh your appearance.  If you’re looking for a more defined jaw, plumper lips, or to restore lost volume, derma fillers offer long lasting natural results.