Infrared Skin Tightening

Tired, lax skin is rejuvenated revealing a more regenerated and youthful appearance

Image by Adetayo Adefala

Skin tightening with near infrared light is a non-invasive procedure that uses heat energy to firm and smooth the skin. During treatment, a hand piece delivers infrared light to heat the water content in the tissue deep below the skins surface. Heat triggers the body into stimulating fibroblasts to repair and produce new collagen over the period of months. As new collagen and elastin is formed, skin becomes firmer and thicker, and the skins texture becomes smoother. Tired, lax skin is rejuvenated revealing a more regenerated and youthful appearance.

During treatment, you’ll experience a warm sensation as the infrared energy penetrates into the deep layers of your skin while a cooling system ensures the outer layer remains comfortably cool. The procedure is not painful and there is no downtime.

Infrared skin tightening is proven to help combat lax and wrinkled skin in the face, chest, neck, arms, hands, abdomen, hips, upper buttocks, knees and thighs.

If you’re looking for a natural way to rejuvenate your appearance without taking time off, infrared skin tightening is the answer. Call us to find out why clients are choosing infrared treatments to look their best.

Ready for a New You?

Derma fillers offer subtle improvements that renew+refresh your appearance. If you’re looking for a more defined jaw, plumper lips, or to restore lost volume, derma fillers offer long lasting natural results.


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