Give the Gift of Touch this Valentine’s Day

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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, many people will be thinking of gifts they can give to their partners to show their love. While it’s the norm to buy expensive presents, a more thoughtful Valentine’s gift is a unique experience that you and your other half can enjoy together.


If you’ve searched something along the lines of ‘Valentine massage for wife,’ then you’ve landed on the right page. A romantic massage is a great way to show your appreciation for your partner and is something you can do at home. You can even turn it into a couples Valentine’s massage and create an unforgettable memory.


If you want to give your partner the gift of touch this Valentine’s Day, then read on to learn how you can create the ideal romantic setting and deliver an invigorating massage.


How to Enhance Your Massage at Home


If you want to create the perfect night in on Valentine’s Day and give your partner the best Valentine’s massage possible, it’s essential to follow the following steps when creating the ideal atmosphere.

  1. Not a natural masseuse? Creating an inviting atmosphere can drastically improve the overall massage experience. Firstly you should make sure to get the lighting just right – dim the lights and use candles to create a sensual atmosphere.

  2. Sound can drastically alter a massage experience. Play some light music in the background to create the illusion of a spa. Make sure that this music is relaxing so that your partner can close their eyes and feel calm.

  3. Comfort is key. It’s important to create a comfortable area where your partner can lie down. Spread out a soft blanket over a bed or a massage table if you have one!

  4. Finally, think about using essential oils. Calming aroma oils such as lavender and chamomile are excellent choices, and you can incorporate these into the massage itself or use a diffuser.

By creating an ideal atmosphere, your romantic gift will likely turn into a couple’s massage. Valentine’s Day is all about demonstrating your love, and your partner may well want to return the favor of a massage when they see how much effort you’ve made!


Ideal Body Parts to Massage


Once you’ve set up the perfect environment, it’s important to target specific body areas to deliver a satisfying massage. Even if you’re not a professional masseuse, by focusing your attention on the following parts of the body, you’re sure to give your partner an unforgettable experience.

  1. Should your partner sit at a desk all day, focus on the back and neck since they may ache from frequently sitting in an upright position. Pay attention to the area around the shoulders and neck, where tightness can build up.

  2. If your partner has an active job and is on their feet a lot, an intense foot massage will soothe their sore toes, improve circulation, and reduce pain. You can also use a moisturizing lotion to soften any dry areas of the feet.

  3. Arms and hands are also essential parts of the body to focus on since we continuously use them daily. Moreover, massaging the pressure points in the hands can reduce stress and alleviate tension in other areas of the body.

If All Else Fails, Book Your Partner a Massage Today


Suppose you like the idea of gifting your other half a massage but don’t want to do it yourself, or you want to enjoy the experience together and get a couples Valentine’s massage. In that case, you can book an appointment at Renew + Refresh Medical Spa, and let us help you give the gift of touch this Valentine’s Day.


Our spa is in Cochrane, Alberta, and offers a range of services that can make the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts. Check out our list of services and book an appointment online today.


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