Routine Cream Deodorant

After the birth of my first daughter I went on a quest to find safer products to use on her. Fast forward to another daughter and I realized that I too deserved to invest in better products for myself. I found some brands that I trusted for most personal care items BUT...deodorant...WAS HARD. I tried SO. MANY. And after a few hours I felt sticky and smelled worse off than if I didn't wear any at all. So I stuck with mainstream antiperspirants that were full of junk (I just couldn't bear my own stench). UNTIL. I was at a local health store and spotted Routine Cream Deodorant. I took a sample home (with low expectations) and to my surprise I FELL IN LOVE. I bought my sister (Jes) the sample pack for the holidays + she also became hooked. It didn't take long until she brought Routine into the spa so that her clients could fall in love like we did!

So if you are looking for a natural deodorant (free of aluminum, fragrance & other nasty ingredients) stop by our office and try it out! To make the purchase easy we are offering 20% off all Routine Products this month!

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- Kaila Wakelam

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