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Are you really what you eat??

Food & Skin

Skin is the largest organ of the human body. Skin acts as a barrier to protect you from external ailments but it also is the way in which environmental factors enter our bloodstream! The main functions of the skin are that it allows for sensation, temperature regulation and immunity. So what does that mean? Give yourself the best shot at a healthy skin by not only using high quality products BUT also maintain healthy nutrition to really optimize your skin health!

How does food affect your skin?

Some food can affect your skin, for example, many people report that eliminating dairy from your diet can improve skin texture, tone. It is also said to improve skin conditions like acne and rosacea. Fun fact: Skim milk causes the most skin issues because of the whey protein, hormones and sugar in it. There is a large school of thought that also relates gut health to skin health - so up those probiotics and see how your skin reacts (kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, and kimchi are our favs!).

Diet can impact the skin in certain conditions, such as rosacea (flair ups can be caused by triggers such as spicy food or hot beverages!) We have put together a list of amazing foods that you can incorporate in your diet - check it out below!

- Salmon can calm inflammation in the skin because it packed full of antioxidants.

- Watermelon can reduce the water retention that leads to puffiness around the eyes.

- Green tea contains polyphenols, making it antioxidant and contain inflammatory and can be

used to tone the skin and help treat acne. Green tea flushes out toxins and keeps skin supple. Helps lighten dark circle under the eyes.

- Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, an antioxidant that helps protect the skin from UV damage. A study has been done showing that participants who consumed 5 tablespoons of tomato paste daily showed 33% more protection against sunburn.

- Carrots are high in Vitamin A and have been found to decrease the skins oil production.

Improves psoriasis as well.

- Olive oil has great hydration benefits leading to youthful skin.

- Almonds are rich in Vitamin E and helps to prevent the signs of aging caused by free radical damage.

- Eggs contain amino acids that are the building blocks for collagen production.

- Dark chocolate is great for firming the skin and is very high in antioxidant.

- Greek yogurt helps banish the appearance of fine lines because it contains B vitamins that help detox the skin.

Remember you are what you eat!!!!

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